Lectures and Seminars

I offer seminars in HIP (Historically Informed Performance), and preconcert talks in any area of classical music. Previous clients include Education Queensland, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Musica Viva and 4MBS FM.

The seminars can be tailored to the needs of your group: for example, professional development sessions for classroom and instrumental music teachers, or an introduction to Baroque style for music lovers. They are thoroughly researched, entertaining and richly illustrated with PowerPoint and sound files, covering topics such as: What is HIP, Why Bother with HIP, Sources of Information, Musical Elements of HIP. Before we finish I like to get participants singing along in good Baroque style!

Come along to the great Queensland Symphony Orchestra concerts on 27 October 2012, 15 June 2013, 1 November 2013, and 30 November 2013. I'll be giving the preconcert talk at 7 pm at each of these concerts!